Regulations and Information for Homeschooling in New York

The Home School Legal Defense Association. HSLDA is an excellent resource for information related to laws, regulations, and procedures for homeschooling in the state of New York. We highly recommend becoming a member with HSLDA. Their support and guidance is incredibly valuable.

The New York State Education Department’s Home Instruction Questions and Answers.
The New York State Education Department’s Regulations for Home Instruction in New York State.

[NOTE TO NEW HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS! — On first glance, this can very be overwhelming and anxiety-producing. There are many resources, including experienced homeschooling families in the area, that can help you with this process. It isn’t as complicated as it looks.]

Teaching/Parenting Support for Adults

A2Z Home’s Cool is a helpful all-around resource for getting started.

Christopherus Homeschooling Resources pages offers free videos and audios on various homeschooling topics from curriculum-specific subjects like 6th grade geometry to parent-focused topics.

Sparkle Stories is a rich resource for age-appropriate-based stories for all ages.

Simplicity Parenting

Live Education! Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum produces homeschooling supplies for families and institutions inspired by a
Waldorf perspective.

Oak Meadow Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow provides a flexible, progressive education for independent learners in kindergarten to grade 12.

Orton Gilingham Remedial reading support The art of moving, posture, health, sports, Michanicsville, , NY Goethian Science, Ghent/Harlemville NY Art programs, training, research, Philmont NY art classes, Ghent/Harlemville NY art classes, Ghent NY youth theatre and performance company, Chatham NY on-line book catalogue

Waldorf Today

Columbia County-Based Children’s Programs

Kite’s Nest is a center for liberatory education in Hudson, NY. They create safe and supportive learning environments that nurture the confidence, skills, joy, and collective leadership of young people while building justice and equity in their communities.

Flying Deer Nature Center is a wilderness school and community dedicated to mentoring children, youth, adults and families in deep connection to nature, self and others.

Regional-Based Children’s Programs

Hancock Shaker Village



Nova Natural


Columbia County Homeschool Google Group - email Kristin Buckbee to be added to the list homeschooling group in the Capital Region

Waldorf Today Waldorf world-wide newsletter, articles, conference announcements, resources Chanticleer, an e-newsletter for Anthroposophical activities in Berkshire and Columbia Counties

Local Consultants, Instructors, Remedial Support

20+ years experience with lower school and high school main lessons, specializing in life and earth science; math; handcraft and practical arts; movement therapist (Spacial Dynamics).

Parent, movement teacher

Amelia will offer classes on Thursday afternoons from 3:15-5pm. She enjoys teaching fiber arts and fiber processing, plant dyeing, paper making, puppet making and creating puppet shows, botany, herbal medicine, the Wonders of Water, sewing, quilting and embroidery, and basic physics. She welcomes all ages and abilities in students.

Extensive experience with all ages (early childhood to adult) and abilities, with skill building in the arts, crafts, nature study, and creative thinking. Multidisciplinary approach.


Trained and Experienced Waldorf Teacher


Offering lessons in applied and fine arts for children 7-14 and adults:

  • Handwork (knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, depending on the age group)

  • Watercolor painting 

  • Drawing (block crayon technique for early grades, drawing to accompany main lesson subjects, middle school fine arts curriculum)

  • Clay modeling

  • Pentatonic flute and recorder lessons

  • Singing 

  • Nature Walks

  • Practical activities (cooking, gardening)

I can teach any of these subjects directly to children (individual families or small groups where permitted), or to parents who are looking to strengthen their own skills in order to teach their children.

I can travel to Columbia, Dutchess, and some parts of Ulster County (with proximity to Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge).

Standard rate: $45/hour

Sliding scale or creative arrangements available based on a discussion of needs (yours and mine)